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    Why choose Imperial Solicitors?

    We understand how difficult it is to cope with disputed family issues, which may ultimately lead to separation or divorce. These issues, sometimes, become very complicated and a cause of great distress, if children and financial matters are involved. Our family solicitors, based in Morden, are experts in UK family and divorce matters. We care about you and your family and thus, treat your divorce issue with the highest level of dedication and thought.

    Our friendly, compassionate and trusted family solicitors believe that our clients deserve no less and strive to secure the best outcome for you. Our job is to take the stress away and work closely with you to find an amicable solution to your family disputes. We have your best interest at heart, which is why we will try to avoid expensive court actions if we believe that we can achieve the result you need without having to go through these channels. Our family solicitors work hard, meticulously and thoughtfully on every divorce case, and it shows in our results. Our family solicitors are committed to providing excellent service to our clients. Each case is unique and therefore, we uniquely handle each case. Our family solicitors respect and value you as a client, and will work hard to ensure that your matters are resolved and goals met. Our clients often tell us that we exceeded their expectations in their divorce matters.

    As your legal representative for divorce, our family solicitors would ensure that you have all the support available in this difficult time of your life. Our family solicitors always provide honest legal advice regarding divorce and other related family matters. After the initial consultation with our family solicitor, if you wish to instruct us, we will discuss the various funding options available, including fixed fees and hourly rates.

    We are a member of the Law Society and regularised by the Solicitor’s Regulation Authority. So, rest assured when choosing us to represent you in your divorce matter that your divorce case is in the right hands. Your success is our success!

    Our Family Law Services

    Our expert family solicitor team can guide you through every stage of the divorce process, including completing and submitting a divorce petition, responding to divorce petitions and promptly applying for the Decree Absolute to legally end your marriage.
    We can also advise you on issues, such as international divorce, judicial separation, civil partnership dissolution and separation for unmarried couples.

    If you want to legally end your civil partnership, you will need to apply to a court for a dissolution order. Your civil partnership must have lasted at least one year before you can apply for a dissolution. You must prove to the court that the civil partnership has ‘irretrievably’ broken down – that is broken down on a permanent basis. You must be able to prove at least one of the following things:

    • your partner has behaved unreasonably
    • you and your partner have lived apart for two years, and that you both agreed to the dissolution
    • you and your partner have lived apart for at least five years, if only one of you agrees to the dissolution
    • your partner deserted you at least two years ago.

    If you’ve decided to split up, our family solicitors can guide you through the process of dissolving your civil partnership and assist you with reaching a financial settlement with your partner and/or making an application to the court for a financial order, if necessary.

    Having a legal separation rather than getting divorced can sometimes be a good option for a number of reasons. It may be that you do not wish to get divorced for religious reasons, you may think there is still a chance to save your marriage or you may simply want some time before taking the next step.
    Our family solicitors team can advise you on various options, including applying for a judicial separation or creating a voluntary separation agreement. This can allow you to sort out how issues such as your finances and any children you have together will be dealt with, giving you certainty that your needs and those of your loved ones will be met.

    Annulment means declaring that the marriage was never legally valid. Contact our family solicitor for more information.

    Deciding where your children will live and their future the arrangements is often the most emotionally fraught aspect of divorce and separation. Our family solicitors handle these issues with compassion and clear-thinking, helping to achieve the right balance to protect your rights as a parent and your children’s best interests.

    We can also advise on specific issues affecting you and your children, including relocation and moving overseas, changing a child’s school, child support, parental responsibility and rights for unmarried couples.

    Our family solicitors are equipped to deal with all issues relating to domestic violence or individuals that have been living with a coercive and controlling partner.
    We can take you through the various legal options that are available to you in a clear and sensitive way. This will include making an application to the court for an injunction to protect you and your children and dealing with any other related financial issues that arise as a result of your separation or divorce. We also have access to a range of other facilities and professionals that can offer support during this difficult time.

    Our family solicitors have an exceptional reputation for dealing with all of the financial aspects of divorce, with a strong focus on high value and complex finances, including settlements involving family business and other business vehicles, pensions, and other investments both in the UK and abroad.
    We can advise on issues including dividing assets, finding and tracing assets, inheritance issues, family trusts, family homes, protecting family wealth. We are also aware of the related tax issues that can accompany dividing and sharing certain assets and work with reputable financial professionals who can assist in advising individuals and helping them secure a sensible outcome.

    A non-molestation order protects the person applying for the order from violence, intimidation, harassment and communication from the respondent (the person who the order is against).
    The order can also prevent the respondent from coming within a certain distance of the applicant’s home as well as instructing a third person to do anything that the respondent is forbidden from doing.

    Our family solicitors provide help and advice for both applicants and respondents in non-molestation order proceedings.

    Prenuptial agreements and post-nuptial agreements are increasingly common, but it is essential that they are created in the right way to have legal standing if later relied upon during divorce proceedings.
    Our family solicitors can help you obtain a prenuptial agreement or post-nuptial agreement, as well as advising on issues such as family trusts, buying property with your partner and various other ways of protecting assets.

    Contact our Family Solicitors in Morden, Surrey to discuss your family issues today. Call 020 3773 5116 or email us at [email protected].

    We are located at a 2-minute walk from Morden Underground Station, conveniently accessible from Central London on Northern Line.

    Questions? You’re covered.

    When your relationship has broken down, you are faced with two options: divorce or separation.

    Separation is less ‘final’, in a legal sense, than divorce. It begins as soon as you stop living as a couple, even if you still share the same home. At this stage, you may want to consider a separation agreement. This is a contract between you both that sets out how you’d like your assets and income to be divided. However, they don’t cover pensions and if you decide to get divorced later, your separation agreement may have a significant influence on your divorce settlement.

    Divorce is the formal, legal termination of your marriage. It can result in legal agreements surrounding your finances, property and contact with children. After securing a divorce, you are free to marry again. If you would like to instruct us on your divorce matter, contact our family solicitors today.

    When the division of pensions is being considered, a pension scheme Cash Equivalent Value may be used as a starting point. The advice of a Pension Actuary may be needed to look at providing an income for both parties on retirement. Offsetting (where one party is compensated for the loss of pension rights by receiving other assets) or earmarking (a percentage of the pension is set aside for the ex-spouse to claim on retirement may) also be considered, which require a Court Order to be effective.

    This is a complex area of law and requires careful consideration, so we ensure our clients obtain advice about the right options for them. Contact our family solicitors for more information.

    Rather than going to Court, mediation is a flexible way of resolving disputes, arising around separation or divorce, saving time and money. Our accredited and experienced mediators resolve issues through face-to-face meetings, helping couples arrive at a solution that suits them both.
    Mediation enables couples to communicate directly with each other, rather than via solicitors or across a Court Room. Our mediators act as impartial third parties whose job it is to discuss options to help craft a solution to suit both parties and their family. Common topics include childcare, co-parenting plans and resolving the financial issues.

    Call our family solicitors and we will arrange family mediation for you.

    If you are separated from your child’s other parent you are required to have child maintenance which is calculated, in most cases, through the Child Maintenance Service (CMS) which can seek information from the Inland Revenue. If you earn more than the maximum CMS threshold, the court can award top-up maintenance to the other parent. Calculating payments is not always straightforward, but you can use this calculator:
    If you do not agree to the amount of maintenance, you can ask the CMS to re-consider and ultimately appeal the decision to an independent tribunal. Contact our family solicitors for more information.

    It is possible to appeal any decision relating to a school placement – this involves completing a written application, with evidence, where relevant. An appeal is successful if the admission criteria do not comply with the school admissions’ appeal code, if admission arrangements have not been properly followed or the decision to refuse your chid a place was not reasonable.
    The appeal is initially made in writing and a hearing date is set. You must comply with the appeal process and timetable. Your appeal is heard by an independent tribunal where evidence will be given about the admission criteria and how it has been applied.
    For any queries, call our family solicitors on 02037735116.

    The cost of resolving financial issues between separating or divorcing couple depends upon how contentious those issues are between the parties. Both parties should prepare a Financial Consent Order which sets out how financial issues have been resolved, and if couples can agree matters between themselves then this will involve a fixed fee for dealing with paperwork plus the Court fee. Mediation can help to keep costs to a minimum, whilst resolving difference, but if agreement can’t be reached, going to Court can be a costly exercise. You can view our fees here. An estimated cost for your matter will be provided before taking instructions. Call our family solicitors for your divorce matter.

    We do not offer legal aid. However, if you would like us to represent you in your divorce matter, our family solicitors are just a call away.

    Some of the cases we deal with are very straightforward and for those we offer fixed fee services. For example if you want to deal with the paperwork yourself, a divorce paperwork checking service costs £250 plus VAT. For us to deal with all paperwork, a fixed fee of £600 plus VAT applies, provided both parties agree upon the basis the divorce paperwork is going to be presented to the Court.
    If there is disagreement about who is going to file the divorce petition with the Court and upon what basis, all work undertaken on your behalf will be dealt on an hourly rate basis.

    View our fees here.

    An estimated cost for your matter will be provided before taking instructions.

    Anyone filing a divorce petition has to pay a separate Court fee which is currently £550.

    For more information on costs, speak to our family solicitors.

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